Baffling Reasons Why Famous CBD Bar Simmers Was Closed

On Friday 2nd day of March 2018, police in uniform stormed in and removed everything that was in occupance by famous bar Simmers Restaurant in Nairobi CBD.

“I do not know what is going on. I do not know why this is happening,” the owner, former Kimilili MP Suleiman Murunga, lamented

He continued with his cry

“The police have stormed here, and instead of being an arbiter they have come with orders that have not even been served on me. This is impunity!”

Recently Mr. Murunga had been engaged in a fight with the family of former Finance minister Arthur Magugu, which says it co-owns the property with Nilestar Holdings Limited.

In his defence, Mr. Murunga has been telling the courts since 2014 that Nilestar Holdings Limited does not have any rights to demand the rent for the last three years after it had ended it 99-year leasehold title deed.

He also added that he applied and received allotment letter on November 3, 2011 from the Commissioner of Lands after paying Sh2.4 million but he later faced rejection from Nilestar Holdings Limited in 2009.

He demanded that the premises belonged to him since he had rented for house for four years ago after he was awarded with the property in 2011 by the Commissioner of Lands after Nilestar’s lease expired four years ago.

The deluxe bar which comfortably between  junction of Kenyatta Avenue and Mundi Mbingu Street over.

During December it evaded an eviction after a court order Mr. Murunga had stopped of there eviction after the Nilestar Holding Limited claimed over 1.62 million rent arrears.

The building has also had issues with the county government for the past years .

Former MP quickly wrote a cheque to the city hall in 2014 before it could turn dirty after they claimed the bar had owned them over 1 million land rates arrears.

Barely a year later, the City County came back again, demanding 12 million land rates arrears!




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