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Bedbugs: How To Detect, Identify And Eliminate Them

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood. Their presence is not linked to lack of hygiene, it is possible to take them home in clothes, furniture, mattresses, etc. and they stay mainly in bed. They are a real nuisance and I will tell you how to detect them, identify them and eliminate them.

Bedbugs on the bed

 How did they get to your house?

Bed bugs do not appear by spontaneous generation. Someone takes them home in suits, used or new furniture.

They are more profound in places where there is a lot of concentration of people: concerts, cinemas, theaters, even in waiting rooms of the plane , the doctor, public transport, etc.

In hotels it is the most usual place to “fish” one of these little friends.

There are hotels in any category. And that is when we get home we put our things in the armchair, the bed or in the worst case we hang it in the closet, we do not have the precaution of checking that it does not bring bed bugs.

They are mainly housed in cracks, crevices, mattresses, sheets, electrical connections, picture frames.

How to identify them?

You should check covers, pillows, sheets and if you see black spots in unequivocal sign of the presence of bed bugs.

Most of the bloodborne insects when they are released on their excrement on clothes, at first the spots are isolated, when the infestation is high it is seen everywhere and they are detected with the naked eye.

That’s why when you get home, you always have to check that you do not bring any animals on your clothes. Much more if you leave for several days because it is very common to be carried in the suitcase.

Another sign to detect them is their characteristic smell. They tend to stay together and their scent is bittersweet and unpleasant, which is produced by their glands, by their eggs or by the molted skin, which can be found around the infested area.

What reaction does the bug bite cause?

The most common reaction is irritation and itching. Bedbugs can lodge viruses in their DNA and worse bacteria are not carriers.

However, when we scratch we can become infected in the picket area.

The bug injects in its saliva a substance that serves to anesthetize us and prevent the blood from clotting and being able to bite us when it finishes eating, the blood dries up and it is what itches us When we scratch we introduce bacteria from the excrement that leaves and from our own nails and that is what is infecting us.

How do I eliminate bed bugs?

The common washing does not serve to kill the bed bugs. You have to apply heat, hot water at a temperature between 50 and 60 degrees.

The most radical solution is to eliminate everything that contains bedbugs: mattresses, suitcases, wardrobe, etc. But to avoid reaching these extremes, you can talk to a professional pest elimination service.

Avoid home remedies because they will only frustrate you and are not effective.

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