Benefits Of Mixing Mango And Marijuana

Among the medicinal effects of marijuana, is the improvement of the lungs, stops the reproduction of cancer cells, relieves pain, eliminates nausea among other things, and if those benefits are combined with a fruit What would be the result?

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How mango and marijuana work together

Well, researchers at the University of San Diego, discovered that chemical components of mango and marijuana form a perfect dumbbell, thanks to the positive effects of cannabis.

Although the study noted that the myrcene present in mango (a linear monoterpene carbohydrate that is the main component of the essential oil of this fruit), a natural anti-inflammatory favors the entry of cannabinoids into the brain and produces an increase in the effects.

When a person eats a mango, the terpenes will go directly into their bloodstream. It does not matter if this person smokes cannabis before or after eating mango, the psychoactive ingredient of THC will interact with the terpenes.

Myrcene helps many more THC molecules penetrates into the brain in less time, which contributes to the strengthening and extension of the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids.

The body reacts to the incoming THC, which helps to pass through the physiological barrier between the circulatory system and the central nervous system much faster and more effectively, published Pijama Surf.

Not all metabolisms are the same

Although we remember that all metabolisms are different and for some the effect will last longer than others. In the case of those who have the fastest metabolism, a larger portion of mango is recommended, as opposed to those who have a slow metabolism.

While the mango will help in this, after having smoked the more or less uncontrollable hunger that you have, you can control yourself with this fruit. Since the mango contains a low glycemic index and can help you lose weight and regulate your blood sugar level.

Benefits of mango

In addition, they have 82% water, as well as 12% of the recommended daily amount of fiber, so people who consume them can feel full without having to consume a large number of calories.

Other benefits of mango is that it helps the teeth for its vitamin C, it is good against cold, in addition to asthma, preventing cancer and heart disease.



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