Benefits of Standing Instead Of Sitting At Work

It seems that yes, sitting in front of a desk is not good for your body.

With this we do not want to tell companies that they should give their workers a general holiday, but they change their position from “sitting” to “standing”.

To reach this conclusion, more than 230 people participated in this research from the Australian university of Deakin in which they were asked to change their habits of constantly sitting in the office and standing, moving more.

According to the conclusions of this study, the benefits are remarkable in relation to problems of obesity derived, for example, the sedentary lifestyle caused by spending so many hours sitting in front of the computer in the bag.

In fact, you could save a lot of health funds in this regard in costs to Health.

Other benefits that point to this change of “position” is that it would improve the level of absenteeism to work and increase the productivity of workers.

Obviously, the worker is not asked to stand the 8 hours of his office day standing, but at least part of that time is dedicated to changing this position for the benefit of his health.

For example, small meetings with colleagues in this position, would be much more effective and quick than long presentations where the body can be lethargic and become more heavy and unproductive.



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