Why Women Are More Likely To Survive Heart Attack If The Doctor Is A Woman

Issues related to gender are also very relevant in the field of health.

This is evidenced by a study carried out by a team from Harvard University, according to the chances that a woman has to survive a heart attack.

The researchers analyzed the data on women admitted for heart attacks in the emergency services of Florida between 1991 and 2010, and observed that patients were more likely to die if the doctor who treated them was a man.

On the contrary, the increased survival rate when they were treated by female doctors.

But, even in the cases of patients, the increased survival rate if a female doctor was also present in the ward, and if the male doctor had more previous experience treating female patients.

But, what is this data due to?

The authors of the study argue that there are many possible causes.

One of them is that, according to the researchers, many male doctors tend to underestimate the risk of heart attack as a cause of female death, and continue to believe that men have more risk of dying for this reason

The study raises, therefore, the need to increase the presence of women in emergency services.



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