Best Way To Get Out Of A Whatsapp Group Without Upsetting Members

How many groups of WhatsApp do you have: the gym, the children’s school, the friends, the family, the work, the wedding of your best friend, the party of the 40th birthday of the husband of a bonus, the one of the neighbours , the one of the colleagues of the summer ?

Now, think, of all created, really, how many groups of WhatsApp do you use every day? Probably half of the half, but you have them there open. The time you have come to clean your WhatsApp and get out of those WhatsApp groups that you do not longer use.

Making this decision is difficult, because you can remain on the edge, overbearing or maligned, but if you follow our advice, you can fulfil your mission successfully.

1. You can be the one who takes the first step or make it maybe they are the ones who take you out. If that WhatsApp group was created just to talk about college topics, you can start to address other issues that are not related. Sooner or later, someone will call your attention and you can always say that “You leave because you do not share interests anymore”.

2. It can also happen if that is a group of WhatsApp that is half dead, the others are those who, little by little, begin to leave the chat because they do not care about anything you write and you stay alone. Problem solved!

3. If you stop participating in the conversations, in the end they will notice that you do not have interest and they will not throw you out, because they know that it is something very edge, but they will create another group of parallel WhatsApp without you knowing

4. You can always resort to the excuse of “have been the little one” and, if you do not have children, say that it has been an oversight. If someone insists on returning to private include you in the group WhatsApp, you tell them not to bother, do not want to cause more discomfort.

5. Take a moment of great activity in the group to give the button to leave the group of WhatsApp. With so much message you may be able to get that they do not even realize you’re gone.

That yes, that is in a moment of positive news, as for example, a birthday or a stay next (to which you will not go) and never a controverted subject, so that they do not think that you go for that reason.

6. If you see it very desperate and none of these excuses to leave to WhatsApp group works, you can always say that your old phone is running out of battery quickly and the only way to avoid it is to leave WhatsApp groups, because it is directly related to the of it.

7. Techno stress, have you heard about this disease? It is the continued dependence of all kinds of actions linked to social networks or work with the computer. Just as you do not know, maybe your friends too.

 Tell them that they have recommended you to disconnect from everything that is the mobile phone and that is why you leave the group, by medical prescription not by own will!

Before leaving a group of whatsapp

1.Think if you really want to leave this group of WhatsApp or is because you are saturated at this time in your life.

2. Stay with people’s contacts. You never know if you need them for a future.

3. If you do it in front and without using any of the excuses before, write a sincere message. Important: put an emoticon at the end. We assure you that it will be a way to make what you sound sweeter.

4. And, not to be full edge, after writing your message – in addition to not regret it – wait a few minutes to see what others say. Of course, do not turn back.

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