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Bob Collymore’s Simple And Low Cost Funeral Ceremony Serves Big Lessons To Burial Harambees In Kenya

When Bob Collymnore died on 1st of July 2019, he was taken to a morgue at Lee Funeral Services and there after cremated at Kariokor Cemetery a day later.

It is estimated that the Safaricom CEO who was earning about Sh. 10 million a month, only had a budget of less than Sh.50,000 for his cremation and transportation of the corpse from Lee Funeral.

Kenyans went on social media to appreciate how the billionaire new how to spent and spare his coins even when he is dead.\

Here is how Kenyans appreciated the low cost and simple burial.

“My wish is to be cremated too. I don’t want my grave staring at my husband’s new wife. On a serious note, burial ceremonies are a circus and absurd.” – Serah Mugweru said

Jep “I always think cremation is the easiest way… No long speeches and eating gluttonously.” – chirchir Carol wrote

“Others need 2weeks of feasting, disco matanga and 4 harambees, to raise 3m for burial.” – Em Em Kely

“Burial ceremonies have been commercialised. Hio industry ni kubwa… A typical African will have fits of anger at the mention of cremation.” – Astiaya Fernandes

“Bob Collymore cremated at Kariokor. The crematorium charges a flat rate of Sh10,000 for a member and Sh22,500 for a non-Hindu.” – Ahmed Mohammed

Salat Abagira – “Na maskini anangangana kuchangisha 300k for burial!”

Joseph Ownaga – “What is the total cost of Bob Collymore funeral? I believe ksh30, 000 while we paupers budget one million. Who is mad?

King George – “The funeral of Bob Collymore Costed ksh 37,500/= that is ksh 22,500/= for cremation & 15,000/= for hearse. Yet in Western region & Nyanza region it would Cost “bra bra bra?!” lesson learned, please let those Bulls that are always slaughtered be good people.”

Mc Omari Nash wrote; “BOB COLLYMORE’S FUNERAL IS A GREAT LESSON TO THE LUO COMMUNITY! With a monthly salary of 10 million, Bob in his will did not see the need for an expensive funeral; so only few relatives and friends were invited to the event that took less than two hours.”

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