Can You Start A Master Before Finishing The Degree?

This is one of the issues that most undergraduate students raise in their last year or when they see that they have few subjects left to pass and do not want to invest an entire academic year in overcoming them.

Depending on your career or development in higher education , you may already have almost all of the credits earned and you may have some subjects

But, at the same time, you find yourself in the situation that you want to study a master’s degree the following year and you doubt if your file meets the requirements to be accepted.

We cannot give you a sure statement, since this decision depends on each University and the number of credits that you lack to complete your degree.

In the case of official master’s degrees , they will most likely dismiss your application until you have exceeded all of the credits that have been passed. Anyway, do not hesitate to pre-register and try to get your place.

But you have other options with which universities tend to be more flexible, as is the case with master’s degrees and graduate courses.

As we have commented, when it comes to  own masters or other postgraduate training modalities, universities usually offer more alternatives and be more flexible with the access requirements.

In order to obtain the proper degree, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the degree has been obtained.

This alternative is very common in other universities, in relation to their own degrees, as well as the programs offered by private universities.

Whatever option you decide, you must be very clear that you are facing an academic course with great challenges if your idea is to overcome the subjects that you have pending in your free time, at the same time you attend the classes of your master.

Everything depends on you and what you are willing to strive for.



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