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4 Unexpected Sectors That Have Joined The Marketing Strategy Influencer

Social networks and online marketing are the best partners of brands to design new strategies and see how to make their community of followers bigger and loyal.

For this, both branches have enhanced the role of influencers, that is, those characters that have become public by the community of followers that they treasure in social networks and the close connection they achieve with their audience.

Their high credibility makes them the best standard bearers of some brands, as well as being able to  have a high impact among their followers.

Sectors that bet on the marketing of influencers to promote their brands:

1. Fashion

It is the sector where  influencers and celebrities have always had a high capacity for impact and have presented themselves as aspirational figures.

The promotion of fashion lives much of the aspirational component and to identify itself with messages and attitudes, for that reason that in the studies of online marketing and with influencers it is a reference field.

2. Technology

Influencers in the field of technology act as testators of products or evangelizers about the power of a brand and everything it allows you to do.

The automotive sector operates in a very similar way, and is one of those who are betting more strongly on the profitability of campaigns with influencers.

3. Health and sport

It is usually used public figures and relevant for their power to represent the spirit of a brand or see the effects that a product or service have, so that people are encouraged to try them.

4. Tourism and travel

The sector related to the experiential also sees a great potential in the use of influencers and to design online marketing strategies that tend towards the emotional component and the value of treasuring unique experiences.

It is one of the areas where social networks like  Instagram have a lot of impact and depth among the community of followers, since everyone wants to share their experiences and give testimony of them.



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