Cars With A Unique Face-lift In Kenya

Car owners in Kenya have always dreamed big when it came to riding big toys than whatever they had before, those who could afford went ahead and purchased their dream car.

Those who could not got humbled,but some decided to fake it!

The did so buying keeping the same car, but altering the car logo, from a cheap machine to a an expensive toy.

Nissan to Mercedes

Ever heard of Fake it Till You Make It, this is just what one Kenyan did to his motor vehicle.

He bought a Nissan Fuga and made it into his own Mercedes Version, if he broke the Benz business law or not what we know is that he wishes to own a Mercedes Brand.

Benz cars are quite expensive and widely adorable in Kenya, making them ideal dream cars for many if not all.

Probox to Lexus

This shy owner of an existing probox wants to be a proud owner of an imaginary Lexus car.

While probox cars cost regularly around Ksh.800,000 Lexus are some of the deluxe Toyota makes which goes for an equivalent of 3 millions shillings

Lexus car

Image result for toyota lexus back view


Image result for probox car back view



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