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CCTV Shows Kenyan ‘The Rock’ Giving 7 Armed Thugs A Dose Of Their Own Medicine

When guests were trying to depart from a house of a director at Mombasa Maize Millers. Around 1:15-1:30 am, thugs invaded them.

Screenshots from gunfight

The seven thugs did know tables will turn against them.

As one of the thugs approached one of the guests, he was spotted and the victim shouted ‘Wezi’ prompting to be shot on his wrist as he tried to escape, he played dead for the moment.

One of the guests managed to lock himself in a room with steel. As all this was happening, the host was using the rest rooms.

When he noticed they were under siege, he decided to be a commando.

He quickly ran to grab his GLOCK and inserted in a Roni with an extended 50 round magazine. It was time to fac the music.

He majestically approached his rear steel door and got clear view of one of the thugs, fired three rounds of ammunition in his chest. He moved on to the next step.

He moved to around the house and approached the front gate where his guests were being searched, he fired shots ensuring that his gets did not get hit by either of his of thugs bullets.

He had cornered them and they decided to flee, one of them who was shot three times in the chest died in a nearby farm



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