Comedian David The Student Bravely Faces-off With A Racist In USA

Comedian David the Student, aka David Kangogo has gone viral in USA after facing off with a racist attacker in USA.

The incident happened when David, who is working as a taxi driver with Lyft, picked up couple for a ride to their house.

However, the man became abusive and chanted racist slur when David asked him several times to put on his face mask.

Something that escalated and saw David pull over and abandon the ride.

The angry man was filmed by David as he continued to racially abuse the popular comedian.

As a requirement, Lyft demands driver and passangers to wear face masks during rides.

Lyft has already removed the rider from their services and a preventive measure of future racism.

David says that the man could not swallow the directive from him because he thought a black man could not make him wear a face mask.

The comedian, talking to local news, said that he could explore legal options


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