A Comparison Between A Filthy Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital And A Citadel London Hospital Where She Died At

The Bupa Cromwell Hospital where former First Lady Lucy Kibaki died is a far cry from the hospital named after her in Nairobi.

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To begin with, the  Bupa Cromwell Hospital hospital is a private facility located at the heart of London. It prides itself to have five-star facilities that include hotel services.

In contrast, Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital is located at the heart of Nairobi’s Eastlands that is perennially plagued by workers’s strike due to unpaid salaries and cases of misdiagnosis and medical negligence.


Bupa Cromwell Hospital has at various times been owned by well moneyed proprietors including the Abu Dhabi royal family. More than half of its patients are referrals from over 100 countries and it is particularly popular with wealthy people from the Middle East.


Mama Lucy Hospital is run by the Nairobi City county government and is principally meant for the city’s poor. Patients admitted in wards routinely share beds and its laboratoty barely functional. Most laboratory tests are conducted in rickety outlets located outside the gate.

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Bupa Cromwell Hospital has Royal and Presidential suites finished to the highest standards. They are designed to cater to royals, political and business leaders, or individuals looking for the ultimate healthcare experience.

Bupa’s patients have access to a team of dedicated co-ordinators, 24 hour private nursing and a private entrance amongst other services.

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