Customers Raise Alarm Over Energy Drink That Causes Prolonged Erection

In a letter dated 28th December 2018, Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) declared that Natural Power SX , an energy drink cause prolonged sexual erection after use.

The samples from the energy drink were taken after customers complained of prolonged erections lasting for more than 6 hours punctuated with constant sweating.

Consequently, Zambian authorities moved fast to stop the production and distribution of the energy drink in Zambia.

According to NDA, the drink contained contained sildenafil citrate used to treat erectile dysfunction .

The manufacturer, Revin Zambia Limited, is located in Ndola in the north of the country.

Its General Manager has denied that the drink contains any drug or substance meant to boost sexual arousal

“Officers from the three institutions are on the ground to collect samples of the raw materials and of the finished product for analytical tests that will determine if there is any truth to the claims being made.

“The outcome of this investigation will be communicated to the public as soon as results are released,” said General Manager, Vikas Kapoor

Ugandan authorities have began the crackdown of the drink.



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