Dad Look Away – Kenyan Celeb Daughters Making Their Fathers Blush With Their Revealing Outfits

Sometimes, dads of celeb daughter are caught between a hard rock and a big mountain when their daughter decided to dress in too revealing clothes.

What are you supposed to do as a dad, look away or just blush for the cameras and idle bodies glancing at you?

Well, have a look at these celeb dads below

Saumu and Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko and Saumu have been news makers for gutter press in Kenya since they came to limelight.

Whenever these two sneeze, social media seem to catch their fever indiscriminately

Sonko is seen taking a family time photo with his daughters, but look the one of his right, dressed to ”kill with all her thighs out in a very revealing short pants

Vanessa and Allan Kiuna

During her wedding, Vanessa’s wedding gown was made to reveal much of her cleave, with her dress cutting through down her shovel to reveal the much of her boobs.

The boobs cup, caught the breasts much more than the cloves would do!


Akothee revealed that her late dad was her number one fan, and he would even show up at her concerts.

She says she took a lot of time to baptize her mum into her sense of ‘hot’ dressing, but she managed to cop up with though she would complain.

Anyway back to topic, this is Akothee, dressed in short pants, and a top that clearly shows off her boobs.

I guess her dad should keep looking away from her bra.

Lupita Nyong├│

When receiver her Oscar award as the best Supporting Actress in 2014 in the film, 12 Years as a Slave, Lupita was dressed in a blue dress that put half of her chest outside.

The small dress was only holding her breasts that looked to be free from a bra.

It must been a moment of concern for the Kisumu Governor Anyang’Nyong├│

Peter Kenneth

When launching his president bid in 2013, Peter Kenneth brought on board his kids Audrey and Andrew

But the daughter dressed in a very skimpy dress, that would please any dad in public.

Obama and his daughters

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