Disadvantages Of Working With TSC Vs International Schools Teachers

Most of lucrative international schools in Kenya charge their students as much as Ksh. 5 million in one year alone.

There is no doubt working here you will definitely earn a big salary than working for the the government employment teaching agency known as Teachers Service Commission.

Lets have a look at TSC recent salary scale.

The lowest paid TSC employee earns about Ksh.25.692, a P1 teacher while the highest paid TSC employee is a Chief Principal who pockets Ksh.200,928 per month.

Being a Chief Principal is not easy since one needs a proven teaching experience of more than 15 years purely of success.

Besides one needs to be a head of a top performing national school.

While in international schools based in Kenya, things are way different.

Here a P1 teacher pockets around Ksh. 80,000 per month while a secondary teacher takes home about Ksh.100,000.

Those offering international curriculum pay more better than those with just Kenyan system.

Some of the top paying schools in Kenya are namely St Andrew’s Turi,Brookhouse School, GEMS Cambridge,Hillcrest,Braeburn,and Rossyln academy .

This schools highly embrace British based curriculum and IGCSE system.

The highest paid teacher in International Schools earns more than 1.2 million per month.

Here are disadvantages of working with International schools

  1. No guaranteed house and commuter allowances
  2. IGCSE schools have very short holidays and a fixed timetable
  3. Workload is so heavy and always working on the edges of deadlines
  4. No job security besides having no assurance in pensions
  5. International Schools offer teachers with temporary employment, with renewable terms

Advantages of working with International Schools in Kenya

  1. Best in teacher payment salary per month as compared to TSC
  2. Unlike TSC which employs based on year of graduation, IGCSE employ based on competence and experience
  3. IGCSE Schools are based in posh and luxury estates as compared to TSC employees who could even be posted to very dangerous regions
  4. Here teachers brush shoulders with kids of the the top brass in Kenya. They also have an opportunity to meet VVIP parents
  5. The chances are high of one of your students being a key celeb or popular figure in the society

Advantages of TSC

  1. Job security
  2. Pensionable jobs
  3. Three guaranteed one month holidays in each year
  4. Flexible timetable and less workload
  5. Permanent job employment scheme

Disadvantages of TSC

  1. Little salary payment
  2. Poor working conditions
  3. Employment based on graduation years
  4. Student learning is not widely emphasized
  5. Personal teacher development is not widely taken in concern

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