Do You “Log In” With Facebook Everywhere? Your Information May Be In Danger

Are you one of those who enter different platforms through your Facebook account? Well, we have bad news, this could increase the risk of theft of personal data.

According to information from the Princeton website, Freedom to Tinker, platforms employ specific JavaScript trackers. That is, they could have access to user names, email addresses, age ranges, genres, relative locations and even profile photos.

Many of the sites with these scripts, and in which you do Log In from Facebook, are of a smaller size and it is perhaps unlikely that you have used them.

However, some were registered that have millions of regular visits.

In 434 of the sites analyzed, seven different scripts were found that steal data. Some of these web pages have disabled them.

“While investigating this problem, we have taken immediate action by suspending the ability to link unique user identifiers for specific applications to individual Facebook profile pages, and we are working to institute additional authentication and limitation for limitation image requests from Facebook login,” explained one of the Facebook spokespersons.

Fear for the use of our personal data grows and every day a new report appears that reveals a violation of our privacy.



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