Do You Want To Throw Lasers From Your Eyes? With These Lenses You Can Do It

A group of Scottish scientists has taken very seriously to turn human beings into real superheroes. They do not want them to fly or have super strength, but they can emit lasers with their eyes.

Do you remember Cyclops, the XMen mutant? In a few years we could become cousins ​​of the character of the comic and all thanks to the research developed at St. Andrews University, led by Professor of Physics Malte Gather and you can check this link.

It is an ultra-thin flexible two-layer membrane that barely measures one hundredth of a millimeter (1/5000 mm).

The laser is made of a type of organic semiconductor polymer, much like the movies that activate the pixels of a screen on a smartphone.

These polymers are activated with fluorescent light when exposed to light, which in turn enhances the effect of the laser.

The first tests were done with the eye of a cow, which was coupled with a lens contact that was able to emit a green laser on a screen that was located just 50 centimeters away.

As you can see, this device is still in testing, but it is the first firm step towards a real system in humans. The idea is to use them as a security method to scan people and identify individuals with their eyes, although they may have a place in other fields such as photomedicine or biophotonics.



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