Doctors Close On The Cure To Erectile Dysfunction

Injections of alprostadil and other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction are not new. But a team of researchers from the Danish Center for Regenerative Medicine has just developed a new type of therapy that could make such treatments obsolete.

And it not only cures (say) the problems of impotence, but also causes the penis to increase in size.

The new therapy involves injecting stem cells into the base of the penis, and it has been developed initially for patients who have had to remove the prostate glands because of cancer, a procedure that among its side effects causes impotence. In addition, the contraction of nerves and blood vessels that causes this intervention, also causes a shrinkage of the penis.

It should be noted that the results of this investigation have not been published, they have not been tested either, but they are awaited with considerable expectation.

The creators of this therapy claim that it has worked successfully in many patients, and that a single injection has been used to keep them free of erection problems for at least a year.

And, now, they are waiting for the results on another twelve patients, which will be officially announced in July, during the celebration of the annual congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Of course, even if the results are contrasted, several years of trials and tests would still be ahead before such therapy is officially accepted. But, being optimistic, we could be facing the definitive treatment against erectile dysfunction.



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