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It Doesn’t Matter If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Post About You On Facebook

They say that the best relationships are the ones not posted on Facebook.

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Let’s demystify that.

Every time I scroll through my Facebook and see couples proclaiming their love to each other, sometimes I think Aw! How cute, other times I roll my eyes and other times I think to myself, Ugh! TMI…

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Ladies, does it matter as to whether or not your man posts about you on Facebook?

Here’s what I think…

Different people express their love to each other differently. There’s obviously those that think proclaiming their love for their better half on FB for everyone to see is the best way to go and really, that’s totally fine!

But on the other hand, some men are just naturally private; simply because he hasn’t checked in with you at a glamorous hotel for dinner, or hasn’t posted a “thinking of my baby” update or hasn’t updated his relationship status to in a relationship with *insert your name* doesn’t mean that he’s cheating or doesn’t care about you.

Why is his generation so obsessed with having everything on social media? If your man talks to you every day via calls, messages, chats, Facetime etc, isn’t that all that matters?

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However, that being said, there’s a difference between being private and hiding your love. If for instance none of his friends are your mutual friends and vice versa, then that’s hiding your relationship.

So long as you know your stand in your relationship and he makes you the happiest girl in the world in real life, Facebook, which is just a place with a bunch of virtual friends should be the least of your concern!

Tell us, does it matter whether he posts about you on Facebook or not?

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