If You Drink Beer, They Will Bite You More, 6 Things You Did Not Know About Malaria

Many people consider that malaria is an international problem that overcomes the barriers of the countries that suffer it most frequently. For example, cases of malaria are increasingly frequent in Kenya, where there has been an alarming increase in cases in recent months and that could cross borders without good sanitary control.

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For this reason, it never hurts to know about this disease and that everyone knows a little more. There are some things that you cannot know about this disease and that is a good idea for you to know and also, share so that more people can know this information about malaria.

  1. Malaria is an Italian word

The word ‘malaria’ derives from the medieval Italian word ‘mala aria’ which means ‘bad air’. Before discovering that mosquitoes are the insect responsible for this disease, people thought that malaria was caused by the air that was breathed, especially if the air was dirty or contaminated.

For example, they thought that malaria occurred in most places because of the air that was there, but in reality it was the mosquito that lived there that spread the disease. This was discovered by Ronald Ross in 1880.

  1. Only female mosquitoes transmit it

It is only female mosquitoes that bite people in search of food. But only species of the genus Anopheles can transmit malaria, also in this case, female mosquitoes are the culprits. Male mosquitoes only live among the vegetation and do not bite people for food.

  1. Malaria is caused by a parasite

Malaria is caused by a unicellular parasite called Plasmodium. Anopheles female mosquitoes get the parasite from infected people when they get the blood needed to nourish their eggs, making them the main transmitter of the disease.

  1. This female mosquito does not buzz like the others

This female Anopheles mosquito is also known as ‘the silent killer’. It receives this name because it often goes unnoticed where it is sucking blood. Its buzz is not typical of the mosquito that buzzes around your head. It does not make noise, you do not notice it, it is completely silent.

This ‘silent killer’ has special sensory abilities that allow it to find its ¬†victims to suck their blood without anyone noticing their presence. It feeds especially at sunset and also at dawn.

  1. If you drink beer it will sting you more

Some people think that alcohol is a good mosquito repellent, it has the opposite effect. There are studies that show that the body of people who drink beer increases the activity of mosquitoes, so in areas where there is malaria drinking beer can seriously endanger your health because you could attract the female mosquito responsible for transmitting this disease.

  1. It is a complex disease

In addition to everything we have said so far, malaria is a complex parasitic disease that is not caused only by a biological entity. The disease is a result of interaction between three biological systems. C ach has its own complex life cycle, environment, habits and profiles of pathogenesis.

Did you know all this information about malaria? It is important to know this because if you plan to go to  where there may be cases of malaria, you need to know that malaria cases have increased and you have all this information so you can avoid getting infected.

Also if possible, you can avoid your trip until you know more about how the sick woman is at the moment you have to make your trip. Although if there is no danger then do not hesitate to make your trip quietly.

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