Drinking Water Meant For Thirst Nairobi City Prepared, Packaged Using Dirty Bathing Basins

Water is life, infact doctors recommend that a normal human being should take atleast 7 glasses of water for a day. But for water to add life into your body, it depends with the source of the water and how it was prepared.

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If you are in Nairobi city, the water you have been drinking might have been sucking life out of your body, especially if you fancy taking bottled water.

A disturbing poorly recorded video has surfaced, showing how business men and women who have a unquenchable thirst to make a quick and extra coins to their pocket, but at the cost of your health.

The water which is supposed to be prepared by authorized merchandisers, is being done by untrained street boys in a poorly cleaned house. What is more health hazard is the fact that they are using recycled bottles which had been used before and haven’t been cleaned either. Not to mention the use of dirty bathing basins and bath tabs.

The men and women handling the ‘clean’ drinking water appeared to use the plenty of water they are having only to drink but not bathing and even washing their dirty house.

The question hanging in our minds is rather how these bottled water make the way to our tables and finally to our body under the auspices of the hawk eyed KEBS.

Recently we published a health story on how rogue fruits and vegetable suppliers in Nairobi are using health hazard ripened fruits using harmful chemical calcium carbide which had made into the market under the watch of the same body.

If you want to be healthy in the rag tag city, you have to take care of yourself before the doctor comes calling.

List of blacklisted Water Manufacturing firms by KEBS

The following list was made in 2016, but 2 years later the companies blacklisted have been supplying water in full swing, probably money exchanged hands.



By Simon Ingari




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