Dubai Will Be The First City In The World To Test Smart Car License Plates

When it comes to innovation, Dubai does not have any kind of fear, it has been offered to the city to start this project.

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In a city where the main means of transport is the car, it is not surprising that the creators of this new technology have set their sights on one of the main cities in the United Arab Emirates.

Composed of a digital screen and with built-in GPS and transmitters, these new plates will be able to contact, for example, with emergency services when an accident occurs or to communicate with other cars and drivers to warn of traffic conditions.

Even if the car or the plate itself is stolen, this new technology will be able to inform its driver of the situation.

Of course, some will see in this new invention to problem, as it will provide police officers the ability to charge any type of fine against the car, even pay in advance parking or renewal, for example, vehicle insurance.

The first tests will begin in May  2018 and it is expected that it will not only help improve the technology, but it will also provide them with details on how to improve the system when the car is affected by very high temperatures.



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