The Beer Belly Of This Man Was Actually A Huge Tumor

Sometimes, in matters of health, it is advisable to ask for a second opinion. Especially when the initial diagnosis seems not to match the symptoms that one suffers.

And a good proof of this is the case we just met, starring a 63-year-old American named Kevin Daily.

The man had developed a huge belly and, after seeing the doctor, the specialists recommended losing weight. Said and done, the patient fell from 105 to 90 kilos, but still his gut not only did not diminish to single centimeter, but also increased in size.

Although his usual doctors kept insisting that diet and exercise were the solution to his problem, Kevin was not satisfied and asked for a second professional opinion.

And what discovered the new specialist who treated him was that his belly was caused by a huge tumor weighing about thirteen kilos.

It was a liposarcoma, a rare type of tumor that develops in adipose tissue. Usually it was present in the extremities or chest, but in the case of Kevin had developed in his gut.

The doctors needed six hours to remove the fatty mass that had wrapped around one of his kidneys. And, most surprising of all, is that despite its huge size, fortunately the tumor was not malignant.



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