Why Easy Coach Should Not Have Given Him A Job

The young and fresh minds of a 19 year old boy from Nyanza region excited many, including the brains of Easy Coach bus management board when he developed a scale model of the bus company using simple materials.

Patrick Juma’s scale went viral on internet, online to be informed by his former teacher that he was a big subject on internet regarding his untapped skills.

Easy Coach impressed, resorted to employ the young man by offering him a job at their premises. They just shot themselves in the foot if they thought they were doing good PR!

At 19 years old, the boy needs to sharpen his skills by going to school rather than being given a booking clerical job at easy coach.

Besides, giving him a job is just blurring his vision, passion with a small amount of money.

But if they would have taken him,or if at all they did take him to school, he will be more resourceful and be able to unleash his full intellectually property to Easy Coach and entire Kenya.



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