EPL Starlet Takes His Match-day Interview In Swahili

After an emphatic and a cool win against Westham, Liverpool were now less scared with finishing top four, especially with the relentless Arsenal push, who sit less than 3 points behind LFC.

One of the 4 win scorers, Kenyan born Divock Origi did his first ever after match interview in Swahili.

Origi pounced on a loose ball that had been rebounded by his teammate Gini Widjnaldum, making it 4-0.

Origi spoke to BBC’s reporter, who took him down the microphone immediately after the game.

The 21 year old Origi has recorded 11 goals this season, with his best season falling between November last year and January, where he scored 5 goals in 5 straight games.

Divock Origi has been hailed to become a fine striker under LFC’s coach Jurgen Klopp.





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