Eve D’Souza Appeals For The Arrest Of Thugs Who Rapped Her

KTN actress Eve D’Souza under the local TV program Aunti Boss is appealing for the arrest of a group of thugs who had rapped her and are still yet on the loose.

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The candid personality of the TV shows and radio presenter has revealed that she was raped back then in 2015 when unknown number of thugs carjacked her and then rapped her before running away.

Aka Varshita, says she only found a healing in 2014 when she decided to join radio and film. She states that this was her only form of therapy that worked despite having went through professional counselling.

Varshita added noting that the rape ordeal has changed they way she approaches her relationships than before.

Currently Varshita said she is single but would introduce her man when the right times comes

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