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Exceed Your Competitors Durability With Your Company Blog

A business blog is more than a showcase, more than a place where you present your latest advances and tell the story of your company.

A company blog is both a race car, an all-terrain vehicle and a very well equipped motorhome. If you are a business executive, with your blog, you will keep the distance and will be able to double your competitors.

It will allow you to increase your contacts (expandable, it can take passengers along the way), facilitate your sales (it goes everywhere and adapts to all situations) and retain your customers (especially if you use accessories to further increase its road comfort).

A small circuit tour to try, you’re tempted?

Embark new prospects with you

Every car needs fuel to move forward and go far. In your blog, fuel is the content. And because you deserve the best and maintain your vehicle, you will of course opt for optimized content.

How? With powerful and well-calculated keywords (see our SEO guide to understand how to choose your keywords and how to use them). You inject them into your text and, hop, your blog seems ready to turn into a rocket and take off to the stars.

He climbs, he climbs, he overtakes the others and reaches the top of the search engine rankings. And, as soon as a user makes a request with these keywords on Google, hop, it makes a stop to tap your own supply area. If he finds the vehicle to his taste, he takes the road with you.

This is how you will generate leads, contacts: they may not know you at first, but it is your texts and your mastery of SEO that win their adhesion.

Better: it is even possible that they share on social networks photos of the landscape they discover thanks to you. In short: optimized content on useful key phrases and texts that are shared = increasing popularity.

Improve your conversion rate

You won the first round: you have new contacts in your pocket. But the trip is not finished.

What you want now is that these people who get to know you want to continue their journey with you. And even that they turn into customers.
The blog is a great conversion tool.

Already, he positions you as an expert: after all, it is not just anyone who can own and drive such a vehicle. You have to master the subject, avoid road exits, keep the distance … So many points that accumulate in your favor and help you win the trust of your prospects.

Your blog has another advantage: it multiplies itself.

By sharing your articles via social networks and in your emailings, you maintain a good relationship with your entire list of contacts. Gradually, they will consider you as a must, and when they are ready to embark, it is up to you that they will think to do it.

A blog allows you to switch to automatic driving in converting leads into customers.

Make your customers loyal

Thanks to your all-terrain vehicle, you can take your customers on new journeys that will make them feel privileged. Indeed, it is to them that you speak when you unveil the next steps of your circuits. And even if they are thousands to follow you (which I wish you), they will always be alone with you when you read.

You will nurture your relationship by giving them opportunities to respond to you by asking them questions by having them interact with your subjects. The road is more enjoyable to share when you are interacting with someone else.

If you drive well enough, they will even want to recommend you as a preferred driver to their loved ones. From that moment, you will always stay ahead of the race.
It’s your turn !

If you already have a blog, take the time to schedule the next articles you are going to write, if you do not have one yet, choose the first topic you will be dealing with

On the subject of the blog, the bonus goes to those who do, do not ask too many questions (or in any case, ask them in advance) and the saying “it is forging that one becomes a blacksmith” n ‘ has never been so relevant.






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