Would You Expand Your Creativity In #280Characters ?

What you always wanted to tell in more than one message already has a place in two. Twitter doubles the creation capacity of its users by letting them write those extra words that remained in the inkwell.

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Specifically, up to 280 characters, from the original 140. Although at first, users complained about the decision, the first people who had the opportunity to use it in September have taken advantage of the opportunity, and why deny it, those of us who did not have felt a certain envy, as if they were restricting freedom of expression. But that feeling is over, because now all users can write in 280 characters.

Does this mean that we must fill in the whole message? No. In fact, according to the company, once the participants started using it, after the novelty, they stopped using each and every one of the characters that the application offered.

Only 5% exceeded 140, while only 2% were above 190. So we understand that Twitter is not afraid that this will get out of hand. This extension has been updated in the nearly 40 languages ​​in which the social media works, less in Japanese, Korean or Chinese (as they can condense more words in less space they will continue to maintain the original limitation).



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