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My Boyfriend Sleeps With His Eyes Open, Is It Normal?

One of the most curious phenomena in couple relationships occurs while we sleep. Not everyone is prepared to sleep with another person because when we are asleep we are totally exposed. But is there something more intimate than watching your partner sleep?

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In addition to reinforcing the bond, watching your partner while you sleep can lead you to discover some surprises. Is it normal for your boyfriend to sleep with his eyes open? We tell you
Is it normal to sleep with your eyes open?

Have you ever seen your boyfriend sleep with his eyes open? It is not as strange as it seems, although logically it does not happen to everyone.

If you have seen it, you will have had an important scare, because seeing a person lying on the bed with the characteristic breathing of someone who is sleeping but with eyes open or half open, gives to think, right?

It is called nocturnal lagophthalmos and is not a rare disease, much less, but you have to be alert because it can cause serious vision problems. People who suffer from nightgoftalmos can not close their eyelids completely while they sleep. Sometimes it occurs partially and the eye is ajar and, at other times, it can affect only one of the eyes.

Most people who suffer from nightgotttals are not aware that they sleep with their eyes open, so it is up to the couple to warn about this particular circumstance.

What do you do when you sleep with your eyes open?

If one night you see your partner sleeping with his eyes open, let him continue sleeping. But as soon as he wakes up, convince him to go to the ophthalmologist.

The lagophthalmos nocturnal often causes redness in the eyes, itching, blurred vision and dryness, so artificial tears will be your best ally. But if the problem persists, it can cause infections and loss of vision. It is best to receive specialized treatment as soon as possible.

And, what kind of treatment is there to cure night lagophthalmos? It depends on the case, because in the most serious cases a surgery may be necessary.

And it also depends on the cause that caused the problem, which can be from a skin disease to a cosmetic surgery done wrong through a thyroid problem.

Does your boyfriend sleep with his eyes open? Accompany the doctor as soon as possible.



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