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Facebook Rejected The Photo Of This Woman For The Most Absurd Reason

A bikini photo of Tess Holliday, the most famous plus size model in the world, was removed from Facebook for an absurd reason: according to the social network, the image violates its policies by promoting an “idealized” image of the body.

Facebook believes that that photo of Tess Holliday could make us feel bad about our bodies. Really?

The photograph, originally posted by the Australian feminist talk show Cherchez la Femme, illustrated an invitation to the event called “Feminism and fatness” dedicated to the acceptance of the body.

However, it was withdrawn by Facebook within a few hours to consider that “ads like these make users feel bad about themselves” and “shows a body with an undesirable appearance.”

Jess de Cherchez la Femme said they were trying to attack the eating disorders, which makes sense, but at some point they have to accept that there are women of different weights on Facebook. ”

This is not the first time that Tess Holliday has problems with the prevailing photophobia in social networks: she recently published a photo of her seven months pregnant, in response to those who criticized her for promoting an unhealthy image of the body.



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