Fashion Watch Host Carol Odero Trolled After Her Head Gear Fashion Malfunctioned

Here’s the thing, I don’t know much about hair or fashion for that matter but I find it upsetting when the host of a fashion show can’t dress well.

A few months ago, Ian Mbugua – who is known for his no nonsense attitude – became the center of jokes after showing up for Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch “dressed like a woman”.

His only mistake was to show up in a knee-length shirt. Little did he know that it would create an online buzz and earn him the nickname Ian Njoki.

Here is the look that got tongues wagging.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are here again because another Fashion Watch panelist has landed in trouble because of her strange fashion choice.

Last Friday, Carol Odero showed up in a hairstyle that many have likened to vitunguu (onions). Don’t throw stones, those are not my words.

First, this is how she actually looked like during the shooting of the program. Check out the photos below.

Below is what Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) think she, or at least her hair looked like.

A photo that is doing rounds on social media

Close enough? I hope not.

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