Female Reggae Hosts In Kenya Who Deserve To Be Awarded

Reggae music in Kenya gained much loudness during the struggle for independence, this is because at that time, freedom fighters were borrowing a leaf across African nations in quest for freeing their states.

The music slowly turned into entertainment purposes and later a music enjoyed largely by men.

However today, some women are defying the odds, and standing up to get their candles well lit in the midst of male reggea fans.

Below is a list of top reggae artists who deserve to be recognized


She started off as a reggae artist before she fully ventured into hosting reggae music.

Her first music done in collaboration with Wyre dubbed Necessary Noise gained much fame during then.

Currently she works as a reggae host at Vybez Radio for the Cease n Seakle show

Jahmby Koikai

Jahmby has been a radio host for a long time in the industry . Despite her struggle with endometriosis. She has been a force to reckon in the reggae Kenyan market.

She hosts TraceNaDoba reggae show at Trace Eastern Africa Radio

King Kalala

Famed for her unique hosting radio style. King Kalala is a fanatic radio host when it comes to reggae music.

She works at NRG Radio on her show dubbed NRG Plug

Talia Oyando

Just like Nazizi, Talia has been in the industry for decades and even how she still manages to remain relevant is a who new wonder.

Talia is no doubt one of the best female reggae hosts in Kenya

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