Finer Details Of The New Curriculum System That Is Effective In January 2018

Following the directive by Education CS Fred Matiang’i, the following 2-6-3-3-3 will be implemented as from 2018 which means the 8-4-4 system will perish by 2027 if the current class four pupils are the last to sit for the KCSE exams

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The finer details of the New Curriculum System that is effective in January 2018:

2-6-3-3-3 –
2 years – Kindergarten,
6 years Primary school: 3 years Lower Primary and 3 years Upper Primary,
3 years Junior Secondary,
3 years Senior Secondary and
3 years University)

1. 8-4-4 is being phased out systematically.

2. The New System has No provision for Baby Class (which usually accommodates children below 4 years).

 Children will join Pre-Primary 1 at 4 Years and Pre-Primary 2 at 5 Years.

3. They will then undertake a Formative Assessment before  joining Grade 1.

They will proceed to Grade 2 and Grade 3 in consecutive years ending Lower Primary School.

4. They will undertake another  Formative and National Assessment before joining  Grade 4.

*They will consecutively proceed to Grade 5 and 6, ending Upper Primary School.

Grade 6 which will be equivalent of the current class 6 will be the end of their Primary School life.  (Currently class 8).

5. The students will undertake  another Formative Assessment before joining Grade 7.

Consecutively proceeding to Grade 8 and 9. That brings an end to Junior High School.

6. The students will then undertake a Formative and National Assessment.

Upon completion they have a choice to proceed with Technical Education or join Senior High School.

By joining Senior High School, the students will proceed to Grade 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

Upon completion of Senior School, the students join university.

7. Students currently in class 3 to Class 8 are proceeding with 8-4-4 before it is completely phased out.

8. The New System which will start with the children who will join class 1 and 2 respectively in 2018 is more Talent based than Academic based.

9. Advise given: At 3 years if you must enroll your baby in a school, go for one that meets the New System requirements for Day Care.

  • No teachers will attend to them because no academic learning should take place in Day Care Centres.
  • In their place will be Care – givers.
  • Children will learn Oral Skills, Creativity Skills, Social Skills, Potty Training, Behaviour and Sports.
  • Go for a school with adequate space/ playing grounds. Not only beautiful classrooms.
  • Learning will be majorly outdoor.

Courtesy of KICD

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