Fish Skin Will Become A Good Bandage For Burnt Wounds

Tilapia is the name that is known to a variety of warm water fish whose consumption is becoming, of late, habitual in many countries, especially in Brazil. But, beyond its culinary uses, the skin of this fish can also have a very important medical use.

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Researchers are using the skin of tilapia to treat second and third degree burns. With it they cover the wounds replacing the traditional bandages. The reason is that it adheres better to human flesh avoiding possible dehydration of the patient.

In other countries artificial skin or animals such as pigs were already used, but this is the first time a marine animal is used. According to the doctors, the fish is less likely to spread any disease to the patient.

The skin of this fish is subjected to a meticulous preparation process, which removes the scales, muscle tissue and toxins it contains. It is then stretched and cut into strips of 10 by 20 centimeters. According to specialists, it contains a protein called collagen type 1 and has a degree of moisture that help wounds heal better and faster.

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