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Five Hot Romantic Messages To Send On Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become an essential complement in our day to day. We use it to talk to our family, to maintain contact with distant friends, to know what happens in our children’s school, to address work issues

 Why would we use it to raise the temperature in our relationship? couple?

Sometimes, the muses are not with us and it is difficult to find the right words to link by mobile phone; others, it gives us a bit of shame to think of lascivious phrases or simply laziness.

That’s why, we offer you five hot messages to send your boy on WhatsApp and excite fiancee to infinity. You will make your lover burn with desire to see you!

We propose some ideas that you can customize to make your boy more excited.

1. Buy you the wine, I put the dessert. I give you a clue: it’s going to be sweet and hot.

Send a message like this to your partner and you will spend all day fantasizing about the moment when you are back together at home. You will be excited when you read the whatsapp and as the hours pass you will feel more and more on imagining how that ‘dessert’ that you will prepare it will be.

Be subtle and suggestive, anticipate the upcoming party, put your long teeth . With a message as hot as this will be no turning back; you will have ignited the flame of love but, above all, that of passion.

2. I cannot wait another minute to see you, dinner is going to be short but the night is very long.

Do you want to have a bit of intimacy with your partner? Well, tell him! You will love to know that you also count the seconds to see , eat, lick , smell your partner

 Make it clear that you are not going to sleep, because you have much better plans.

For that hot message that you send to Whatsapp get what you want, you must get rid of all the fears and embarrassments.

What’s wrong with dedicating some high-pitched words to your partner, with whom you keep that passion game? Letting go of the hair from time to time can be very fun and will help you escape from the routine in which the day to day has you locked up.

Send  all the hot whatsapps you want, but be careful with the sensual photos in which you can recognized.

Unfortunately, you never know who these images can reach and what they can do with them, so they could cause you some trouble.

3. I had the afternoon off and I went to renovate the wardrobe, the one you only see, the one you like, the sexy one you like to wear … When do I make a parade with him?

A normal day at any time you can surprise him with WhatsApp message like this. You can drop your intentions directly or look for slightly more subtle sentences.

The problem with hints is that, as you may have noticed, many people fail to discover their true meaning. Therefore, you must make sure that your partner ends up understanding what you want to say. Do not be too subtle!

You can accompany this whatsapp on your new sexy clothes with a suggestive photo. You have several options to get this picture: you can place it on the bed to imagine how you have left or you can give even more clues and let him see how you feel.

With both snapshots you will get excited, but with the first surprise to see you in person will be greater. Once again, we ask you caution when sending images to avoid bad times in the future.

After sending you messages like these, it will be like crazy to see you with your new sensual attire. Why do not you open the door when you get home with your lingerie on?

4. What do you think? I in you. I give you some clue: I wear little clothes and I’m waiting for you.

No doubt impulsive and unforeseen messages are the best, those that cause the most impression and, undoubtedly, make the colors go up. A phrase like this, in which you refer to your desire to see him, will never fail. In such a case, surely your partner arrives faster than lightning.

Send this Whatsapp to you when you least expect it to have more effect. Take advantage when you are at work meeting to brighten your day, when you are with your friends to put you in a little trouble, when you are on your way home to be a little faster …

5. I cannot wait to do the things I’m thinking.

With this message you will be able to break your schemes. Do not give him many details about what you are thinking of doing to him so that when you imagine him, he gets even more excited. So that there is no doubt, tell him that you want to make mischief with him, that you want to try something new tonight, that you have bought that you want to release … Let your thoughts fly to prepare your nocturnal adventure .

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