Foolish Cops In Trouble For Allowing KCPE Candidates Pose With Their Guns

Three police officers who were manning the just concluded KCPE exams are in great danger of losing their jobs and getting punished by the law.

The police willingly allowed the KCPE candidates to hold their guns as they posed for pictures.

These police actually went against their service act.

According to the National Police Service Act on regulation of how to use of firearms, servicemen are prohibited from giving out their guns to anyone, including their colleagues.

“A police officer shall not at any given time loan or give or facilitate the giving or loaning of service arms or ammunition to a police officer or a non-police officer, body or institution,” a section of the Act reads

Police are only supposed to surrender their arms at the armory with details of the firearm including the serial number and ammunition as well as the purpose the firearm are recorded.

Otherwise, police are supposed to have their guns at their arms even when they are sleeping

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