Former MP Being Sought After Spreading Tribal Hate Over Ruto’s 2022 Presidential Bid

Former Njoro MP Joseph Kiuna is a troubled man after fueling venom at his area over the election of Deputy President in 2022.

The ex MP spoke over the injustices that he felt were committed to his people in 2007 and warned that in 2022 it could be worse.

“I want to warn you that everything has an end and we have been pushed to the wall for reasons I dont Know. But they should know if this is the kind of game they want us to play, we know how to play it better than them,” he said.

“In 2007/2008 we forgave you but we have not forgotten. You can’t slaughter our people, destroy our properties then come here to threaten us to vote for you in 2022 . You will pay the life of our people before telling us of political debts,” he added

His remarks came barely after National Cohesion and integration Commission (NCIC) launched a manhunt for social media user Dennis Kiptoo Mutai for allegedly spreading hate speech message on his platform.

The current debate has been fueled by ex Jubilee Vice Chair David Murather who claimed that Central Region will not support DP William Ruto’s presidential bid.

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