Former Papa Shirandula Actress Confirms End For Her 6 Year Marriage

Joy Karambu aka Kawira confirmed in June 2022 that her six year marriage to Ephantus Safari came to an end after they could not solve their differences.

Kawira noted that she walked out of the marriage in 2020 June, stating that the two were not meant to be together despite having met in church before a colourful wedding was done.

“I’m not married. I’ve been single for two years now. I said it’s a wrap, and it was a wrap. I am no longer in that relationship,” Kawira explained.

However, Kawira blamed herself for entering into marriage while it was to early, before learning some of the things now she has learnt.

“I left on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, at 4 pm. I still remember the date and time, that’s a woman for you,” she said categorically.

Kawira further opined that if things were not working out, it was better to quit and live to fight for tomorrow

“If you feel in your heart that you are not in the right place, please quit, don’t stay there. You will live to fight another day,” she said.

Kawira now works on Vioja Mahakamani show which features on KBC TV

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