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Frasha Among Other 7 Most Educated Artists In Kenya-Part 2

They are the most learned artists in the country, a fact that makes one wonder how they manage to juggle between music and their ‘other’ profession.

If you thought music was only for the underachievers, then a group of scholarly musicians will make you flash your notion down the drain.

One can’t stop but wonder why this clique of celebrities even dared ventured into music industry yet their ‘prestigious’ degrees could land them nice white-collar jobs in one of the many skyscrapers that dot the city.

All of these learned musicians have their own reasons why they joined music, passion being the common thing in all of them.

4. Elani

The music band that threatened to boot out Sauti Sol from the pinnacle is comprised of highly educated singers.

The three; Maureen Kunga, Wambui and Bryan Chweya are academic giants.

Maureen and Byran passed the bar, they are now qualified advocates. The law is at their fingertips, mess with them and you will earn an express ticket to the court chambers.

Wambui has a degree in Actuarial Science, is a discipline that deals with assessing the risks in insurance and finance field using various mathematical and statistical method, if that makes sense to you.

5. Nameless

Baba Tumiso is the other fellow who has achieved big in as far as education is concerned. Nameless is one of the music heavyweights in the country, he has equally excelling in music like he did with his profession.

He graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in architecture. Very prestigious profession yet it’s music that built him a name.

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