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How I Got A Paid Internship With KCB Bank

Getting an internship at KCB Bank is a dream come true for many entry level job seekers who are looking for a chance to gain experience and get a glimpse of what the corporate world is all about.


Youth Village Kenya recently caught up with a previous intern at the esteemed bank who was willing to share his experience on the condition of remaining anonymous.

How did you land an internship with KCB bank?
It was through a referral from a friend who was working with the bank at the time.

Was the internship paid?
Yes it was but I would rather not say how much.

How long did the internship last?
It was for a duration of 3 months. During this time I was responsible for recording of mortgage mail on a daily basis, attending to customer queries and ensuring their complaints are resolved to their satisfaction.

I was also tasked with doing cash flow for customers to discern if they qualify for a loan, following up on customers who are in arrears among other duties

KCB Bank Internship Interview

What stood out during the job interview?
Compared to other experiences, it was very friendly because they understood that you didn’t have any working experience or banking background to begin with.

What vital skills did you learn from the 3 months internship?
That once you are accepted into any company, no matter your position you can always exceed your employer’s expectations in the sense that you can always improve. Do what they least expect of you. To me, this is always a definite plus.

What don’t Kenyans know about KCB as an employer?
That the bank is one of the best companies to intern with because one gets the best knowledge and experience based on what one studied for.

Do you think having interned at KCB makes your CV stand out?
Yes it definitely makes me stand out since this is the field of what I majored in (Bachelor of Business Administration with IT- Finance)
KCB Bank Internship Advice

What’s your advice to young people hoping to intern with KCB?
That they should go with the right attitude which is to learn all they can in a short span of time. Bottom line is, learning is the key to starting from entry level to that professional point we all want to be at someday.



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