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Grace Msalame Says She Has Never Had A Wedding Ring

Grace Msalame has come out for the first time to speak about her marriage, swimming into a pull of romours that she had actually been married with three kids.


Despite leading a public less presence, Grace has had much talked of her on the romouring town.

Here is her post on social media

”3 Facts about me… – Never Been Married – Always Been a Single Mom
– Yet God still called me… I have no idea where the story came from that I’ve been married before! Let’s just leave the match making to Jesus Thank You

”I had my children out of wedlock in my mid-twenties & I was gripped with shame for years! because I wasn’t raised like that! but I couldn’t quiet the nudge to still serve Him & so I held on to Him even tighter & now 6 years later I’m glad I believed in His Unconditional Love & learned to forgive myself & know that children are a Reward from the Lord.”




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