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The Granite Face Of Life After Campus Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know

Recall when you were only this tall:  Now look at you. They think you are great, that’s why you’ll get to graduate. Four years, four million fears, the days were dark and full of terror, yet with countless joyful moments to share.


Flashback: Finally to university you reported, after crying foul on Timpata for a millennium. For two years you were teaching and you thought yourself special for this; till you realized all others had the title “mwalimu”, some promoted till they couldn’t be any more for then they would be the principals.

You probably spot that hot chic. You probably spot that cool guy.

Days go by. Several bad decisions

You reach to your dark depths you now drink, you now smoke, you now “Rave”. You’ve become something else.

If you are lucky you regain your tracks, if you’re not, you end up dead or worse.

Semester exams end, you all celebrate in your own ways. You probably go clubbing, spend the night with bae (see bye). The Christian faithful are singing “Beneath the cross of Jesus I fain would take my stand…”

Next day, all report home as Lord Commander.

Now the time has come: The time so longed. You finish exams, it doesn’t feel special: No celebrations.

John Doe is suited up; he says he has manager’s interviews at PWC and a group assessment with Deloitte. Jane Doe is working with Safaricom, Samuel, an intern with Cytonn investments. He who must not be named is doing well supporting CORD in exchange for perks. You can’t say the same of yourself.

You reckon the high school principal’s words still stand. “You came to this school alone you will leave that gate alone”

Jaundiced with reality, you kneel somewhere in time and space to the time you reported to first year. Your distant look, your chin in hand.

A younger you, you retrace your steps, you mull your decisions, you shed a tear if you’re strong.

Satan peeks at you over his favorite book: The prince- Machiaveli. He winks, gets back to reading.

The wind moves, the earth shakes. You lost your vision; you had diversions, in the absence of supervision. Life’s in need of revision.

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