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Health Problems Related With Ketchup Bottles From Restaurants

Eating out is one of the pleasures of life, but there is one thing you should know the next time you go to eat and go to use ketchup.

We are always exposed to germs. This is something completely normal.

But when we talk about food, we have to be especially careful.

Instead of individual satchets, many restaurants use bottles of ketchup to save money.

Although it may seem somewhat harmless, it could bring some health problems:

When a person puts one of the cutlery that has been put in his mouth in the bottle of ketchup, not only the bottle of ketchup is contaminated, the contamination multiplies. It produces what is known as cross-contamination of germs.

Some restaurants reuse ketchup bottles, filling them when finished. If the containers have not been cleaned in a long time, they may contain many germs

Consider dining at restaurants that serve individual, single-use ketchup packages.

And another option, if the restaurant you want to go to does not have these individual packages, is to bring your own ketchup from home.

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