Heartbreaking Photos Of Comedian Othoul Othoul Before Meeting His Unforeseen Death

On 11th October 2020, Kenyans woke up to the shocking news of Churchill Show comedian Uthoul Othuol sudden death.

Yet again, death had struck on Kenya’s most popular comedian show, in what looked like picking one comedian after the other.

Here are some interesting facts you need to know about comedian Othuol Othoul .

  1. He was born as Ben Maurice Onyango in Siaya County.
  2. Ben Maurice was raised by his dad, and only came to learn about the demise of his mum – which happened in 2002, after completing high school
  3. Apart from comedy, he played as Alloyce, a security guard at Taifa Estate in the Auntie Boss sitcom.
  4. Despite being a married man, the comedian admitted to excessive alcohol addiction, which he only stopped upon health conditions
  5. His struggle with health came in abut a year ago when he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis
  6. Sooner than later he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital, unfortunately he could not survive and died while waiting for a surgery
  7. During his days on stage, he wore an iconic yellow suit, to signify his artistic mark as well as blend well with his genre of jokes in comedy
  8. Othoul Othoul’s medical bills were raised by his fellow comedian led by Daniel Ndambuki who is the god-father of comedy and Sandra Dach (Siprosa), who acted as the Treasurer
  9. During his alcohol addiction days, he admitted to selling some of his valuables in the house such as TV, Radio and even Cooking Gas cylinder just to quench his insatiable thirst
  10. He became comedian number 8 from Churchill show to succumb to death in yet another mysterious circumstances

Heartbreaking photos during his sickness

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