Here Is Why You’ve Been Charging Your Smartphone Wrong

Do you know how to keep your smartphone’s battery healthy?

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Probably not. In fact, you’ve probably had the death of your phone’s battery with your charging habits.

Charging to 100 percent? Charging overnight? Fully discharging before plugging in? All these common practices can shorten the usable life of your battery, according to Cadex, a company that offers devices that test smartphone and other batteries.

Just how to best extend the life of batteries has been a prime topic recently, since Apple reported that it was slowing down.

Cadex offers a lot of information about batteries on its Battery University website. Among the things it discusses is lithium-ion batteries – the type that powers smartphones.

It turns out – if you’re interested in delaying having to replace your battery or a new phone – there are specific percentage charges in which you should keep your phone’s battery.


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