Hilarious Melon And Sharon Twin Challenges

DNA results released on Saturday 15th, June 2019 confirmed that Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo are identical twins born to their biological mother Rosemary Khaveleli from Kakamega county.

Melvis, the third sister was however ruled out to be the biological sister of the two twins from the DNA profile analysis done by Lancet Kenya.

The three girls, on their reply to DNA tests, said that they had grown up strong sisterhood bonds that supersedes DNA results

Melvis Mbaya

The DNA tests comfrimed that Melvis was not daughter to Rosemary but matched those of Ms Angeline Omina and Mr Wilson Lutah Maruti 

In 2018 April, it is the first time the two girls, Sharon and Melon met on social media and mistook each other as fake accounts

The two would exchange war of words on social media, until they broke the ice and decided to meet face to face in December 2018.

Interesting, Sharon’s schoolmates and teachers were puzzled during a school music festivals in Kakamega, when they met Melon and took her pictures that they showed to Sharon describing her lookalike

Soon, they met each others parents and became ‘sisters’ from Facebook friends

On August 15th, 1999, Rosemary their mother was expecting to deliver twins at Kakamega hospital, but after regaining conscience, she was informed that she had given birth to two twins through the C-section instead of the triplets she was expecting

The twins were put under the eye of incubators for one week since they were born with low weight

Omima, who has been confirmed as Melvis mother and not Sharon’s mother, said that she gave birth to Sharon on 14th August 1999, a day before Rosemary’s delivery.

Sharon studies at Shikoti Girls High School and Melon at Kongoni Secondary School, both in Kakamega County, while Mevis studies at Kimosong’ Girls High School in Trans Nzoia County.

Hilarious Melon And Sharon Twin Challenges

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