House-help Wins Over 200K Moments After Online Bullying

It all started when a social media influencer with pen name Osama Otero posted a message asking tweeps to donate small items to needy school going kids.

Then Lucy Gatimu, who makes a fortune through advertising her house help services on Twitter, asked for a hand to help her three girls go to school.

Osama Otero rained on her, throwing all kinds of abuses to her sincere request.

But what Lucy did not know is that this will be the end of her long search for online favours.

Social media on Twitter ganged up against Osama, and defended Lucy.

It did not just end there, the KOTs aka Kenyans on Twitter went ahead to contribute atleast Ksh.100,000 for the welfare of her kids education.

As the say, when it start raining blessings, it never stops. And surely it did not stop for Lucy Gatimu.

Popular city lawyer Cliff Ombeta took her case and behind the scenes, did something wonderful for Lucy Gatimu’s kids.

Ariel East Africa, a washing powder brand, signed her on a Ksh.100,000 deal.

Even though Lucy Gatimu had the last laugh with Osama Otero, she went ahead to forgive him after he personally called and apologized her.

Lucy has been on Twitter for close to two years, searching frantically for this breakthrough, and surely she deserved all the favours from God!

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