How Paul Manyasi Evaded JKIA Security And Smuggled Himself To UK On KQ’s Landing Gear

On June 30th in 2019, Paul Manyasi, a Kenyan aged just 29 years old managed

to land successfully in London at Clapham , a feet away from sunbather.

Unfortunately, Manyasi landed as a dead body, before the Boeing 747 operated
by Kenya Airways landed at Heathrow Airport in UK.

His body, described by witnesses was like an ice which had been frozen by extreme
low temperatures when the KQ flight climbed to about 37,000 feet.

Aviation experts described the extreme low temperatures to have been as low
as -63 Degrees

But how did the Sky News, who took about six months to name Paul Manyasi as
the owner of the body that feel off the plane moments it landed in UK?

The reporter who embarked on the mission to discover the truth, singled out
Jomo Kenyatta International airport workers and began by asking any missing
person from the airport workers

The moment came when the reporter discovered that Colnet, a firm tasked with
supplying cleaners at JKIA had reportedly discovered that one of their own was

Afraid of the security breach and in fear of losing the cleaning contract,
the decided to put the matter under the carpet until they were rest assured
where Paul Manyasi had gone.

Irene, not her real name, is said to have been Paul Manyasi’s lover. And
they had been planning to settle down and start a family.

Paul Manyasi and Irene lived in Mkuru Kwa Njenga slum, located near the
airport. They could afford this kind of housing due to low pay . Colnet is
believed to be paying the workers about Ksh.200

Irene positively identified Manyasi’s luggage, his e-fit photo and other
personal belongings he was carrying.

This included a rucksack with the distinctive lettering “MCA” scrawled on

“Member of County Assembly,” she explained. 

“He liked to be called that name. Like a nickname.”

His parents confirmed that the paraphernalia and the e-fit was close to

One of his roommate revealed that Manyasi had been planning to seek
employment in oversees.

So how did Paul Manyasi managed to beat the JKIA tight security and make
away as a stowaway with the KQ flight?

From the Sky News story, Paul Manyasi took advantage of being a cleaner at
the airport before planning and hatching his plan for a couple of months

Being an experienced worker at the port, might have aided him to identify a
flight that would ferry him to a better destination like UK.

Manyasi, secretly made it to the KQ’s landing gear in disguise of moving
around as a cleaner, before he made his way to the landing gear and decided to
hide himself inside the plane.

This happened on a very early morning of 30th June 2019, as the Boeing 747
was being prepared for its scheduled flight to London.

Irene recalls how she discovered Manyasi was missing, but she never thought
Manyasi would smuggle himself to the oversees.

She said: “I called his phone and it was off. When we came in the
morning the following day the supervisor called us and told us there is
somebody missing.”

When Irene discovered that Manyasi was now dead, she could not hide her love
towards him.

Irene sobbed:  “He was just a jovial person. I just liked him the
way he was. We had agreed one day maybe we could make a family.

“I just feel like I lost someone who I loved so much – yes, I miss




Where he fell in London

His e-fit and paraphernalia

His photographs

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