How To Convert An Audio Into Text On Whatsapp

As you know the audio notes in WhatsApp are much faster and easier for our communication and are available for five years.

Since then, they have become the preferred modality of some users who only communicate in this way.

However, it is not necessary to send audios as to receive them, since they have become a tedious task to listen to them if the sender has exceeded the duration of the message.

In addition, we all know at least one person who seems to have forgotten how to write and send audios even to say “Yes” or “No”.

Everything is in the digital world. Therefore, for those who prefer the text there are some applications that transcribe audio messages.

This app is called Transcriber, it is an application available for Android devices that allows to pass audio messages to text.

Its operation is very simple you follow these 4 steps and you’re done.


  1. Install the application (Transcriber for WhatsApp).
  2. Select the audio that was sent to you, and even the one you sent.
  3. Click on the icon (Share) and choose Transcriber.
  4. The note of note will be displayed in text.

In addition, users of Android devices also have several similar options, such as Text or Text Audio for WhatsApp, which also has a version for iPhone phones.

Although keep in mind, if the audio is not completely clear you will have some errors in the transcription.



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